Rat Colony​

We currently have five adult rats:

Hawthorn (f) - dumbo, cinnamon, berkshire, dwarf carrier

Willow (f) - dumbo, silver black, berkshire, dwarf carrier

Blackberry (f) - dumbo, black, berkshire, hairless carrier

Widow (m) - top ear, black, berkshire, hairless carrier

Martha (f) - dumbo, marten

Mark (m) - dumbo, marten

We also have three juveniles waiting to become parents until they grow a little more:

Sterling (f) - dumbo, dwarf, roan

Mink (m) - dumbo, dwarf, mink

Frost (f) - dumbo, mink, dwarf carrier


Sand Boas

Our breeding age adults:

Sparks (f) - Normal, het snow (albino and anery)

Wanda (f) - Normal

Hellebore (f) - Anery stripe, het albino paint

Jynx (f) - Paradox albino stripe, het anery

Taffy (m) - Anery tiger, het albino splash

Paint (m) - Snow paint, poss. het splash

Our younger snakes:

Flake (f) - Paint, het snow

Drizzle (f) - Rough Scale

Char (f) - Black Russian

Sapling (f) - Normal, het snow splash


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