Solid White and Solid Black Kenyan sand boas

One of the goals in the sand boa world is to "create" and all white sand boa. We've come pretty close with Albino/P. Albino combinations. I am trying a different tack. I plan to combine Paint with Reduced Pattern genes in order to increase the size of the paint stripe and reduce the spots. This may not end in an all white individual, but it will be a fun project and I'm curious to see if it's possible.

The almost solid black Kenyan sand boas currently available are usually a high percentage of Rufescens (a locality that has a different pattern than the standard Kenyan sand boa). I would like to replicate this outcome and try to calculate the genetic probabilities to help in more accurately describing the genetic combinations present in Tiger, Stripe, and Patternless. All three are from Rufescens crossing, and my thought is that they are polygenic and not strictly dominant as others have said.

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